Interesting facts about football that you never knew!

While we all like to watch football, there are still many facts we probably do not know about football. Football is a game that has prevailed. So we can not afford not to notice certain facts of the game. Here is a list of the most important facts and interesting facts that we have not heard before. So here’s the list.



In recent years, when players could not afford footballs, they made a ball out of plastic covers, disposable diapers, and other similar items. Even if you touched a ball, you would not have noticed it before. There is a small oval touch to the ball’s shape, but it looks spherical because of the checker boxes that are there on the surface. The craziest of them all is until 1908 when the balls were made from the tissues of dead Irish prisoners.

What’s in a name?

While the rest of the world calls football, only Americans call it football. But the best part of that fact is that the whole world knew it as basketball before it took the name of football or football.

Men of the game!

When we talk about football, these are just a few facts that are historical and should be honored. Pelé is the international player with 1281 goals in a span of 20 years of his football career. Although Pele is recognized in the global platform, the uncrowned first place goes to Arthur of Brazil, who scored 1329 goals during his tenure in football. Although Josef Bican of football is not near Arthur or Pele, he has a record of his own. He is the only player to have scored seven times in three games. What about women? So here goes that fact. It is believed that Queen Elizabeth was a good athlete in her teens and would disguise herself to play football.

Rules differ:

While Canada took love to heart and it has its national sport, Mississippi had banned the game until 1991. Most of us believe that it is the game of the West. But the truth is, soccer is from China. So it is the game of the Asian, the eastern peoples of the world, already in 476 BC.

Random facts:

A player runs an average of 10 to 12 km in a football game.
While Beckham feared birds, Dutchman was afraid to fly.
With Pele and Garrincha, Brazil has never lost a single game. Pele was the only player to belong to three different teams and they were all winners in football.